Royal Palm Beach HVAC Repairs

Are there things you can do to keep your HVAC system working properly? Yes, changing a filter or keeping debris away from the condenser unit are beneficial but there are many issues that can arise that will require the help of a professional. HVAC repairs in Royal Palm Beach that should be handled by a qualified technician include some of the following:

The Air is not Cool

If the air is warm instead of cool, this can be caused by a number of things. This is why it is best to let a professional HVAC repair person look at the unit. They are trained and have the necessary tools to check for leaking refrigerant or to see if the compressor is malfunctioning. There is also the possibility of clogged filters.

The System Starts Making Noise

Your system may begin to make a lot of sounds that are not normal. This problem could be caused by the air handler. Sometimes the blades need cleaning or replacing. It can also be the result of bad bearings. Irregardless, a professional can look at the unit and see what is causing the problem before it becomes worse and ends up costing more for repairs or replacement.

Utility Costs Increase Suddenly

Although Florida does not have extremely cold weather as does the northern part of the country, heat is still an important aspect of the HVAC system. If your utility costs suddenly increase in the cooler months or the summer when the air is being used, there are several things that can be causing higher bills.

Often thermostats are wired incorrectly and the system will kick on the heat and air at the same time. This is a common problem seen in do-it-yourself projects. Although the heat is on you do not realize it because the air coming from the vents isn’t hot since it is mixed with the cool air. This can result in extremely high utility bills.

Other things that can cause utility bills to suddenly increase are ducts that become disconnected or damaged compressors and refrigerant leaks. Calling a professional for HVAC repairs in Royal Palm Beach will allow the problem to be narrowed down and taken care of so your utility bill returns to normal.

Breakers Trip Constantly

If you have a problem with breakers constantly tripping when the HVAC system kicks on it could be due to the compressor. Often with older units the compressors become weak and have problems starting. This is what causes the breaker to kick off and simply resetting it is not going to fix the problem. It could also be a capacitor that aids in starting the compressor has gone bad. This is precisely why you need to consult a professional. Replacing the capacitor is less expensive than replacing the compressor.

A professional HVAC technician is trained to inspect your system and ensure that is performing at peak performance. There are many problems with HVAC systems that can be avoided by having a regular maintenance check performed by a professional HVAC company.

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